Will Chinese ascendency set free speech back 50 years? #China

The following story reminded me of when I was a kid in the Bay Area during the growing free speech movement at Cal Berkeley.

Peking University to Offer Consultations to Students with “Radical Thoughts” and Others | China Digital Times (CDT).

Naturally, the Chinese have a different idea of what a student radical is…

“…Zha explained that students who are critical of the university’s management belong to what is defined under the policy as students with “radical thoughts”.

“For instance, some students criticized the university just because the food price in the canteen was raised by 2 jiao (3 cents),” Zha told the Beijing Evening News…”

Somehow I would expect students to complain about the prices in the cafeteria, if not the food, especially if they’re surviving on money sent from home back in the rural providences, beyond the wealth divide. True, I was a kid along time ago, but this story made it feel like yesterday. -RM

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