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Maersk pulls out of Iran – sanctions aim at shipping lifeline

“On June 30, the Danish shipping giant Maersk startled Iran’s trade officials by abruptly pulling out of the country’s three largest ports. Company officials said little about the decision, but the timing was striking: A week earlier, the Obama administration … Continue reading

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State sponsored Iranian hackers suspected of eavesdropping on encrypted e-mail and chat communications

Iranian Hackers Suspected in Recent Security Breach –

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Saudi Intervention in Bahrain | STRATFOR

Saudi Intervention in Bahrain | STRATFOR.

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Bahrain: What is at stake for Americans in the Bahrain unrest?

Oil refining and home to a naval base make Bahrain relevant to the US, however the regional implications of unrest fueled by an underrepresented Shiite majority ruled by a Sunni king may be what’s really at issue. Bahrain: US Naval … Continue reading

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Iraq: Government of National-Disunity

Baghdad’s Bad JuJu January 28, 2011 In what may be an inevitability in the power vacuum following the toppling of a tyrant, Iraq has split along religious and ethnic lines. In order to strengthen his position in the coalition government … Continue reading

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