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Chinese elite visa curbs next salvo in the ideological war with the US?

Washington’s outgoing ambassador to China, John Huntsman, made it clear in his farewell speech that relations were less than favorable between the world’s two superpowers. While curbing visas may be the next step in a game of diplomatic tit for … Continue reading

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#China Urges Respect for Burmese Junta’s Rebranding Effort #Burma #Myanmar

“China has praised Burma’s new government for promoting democracy. Beijing denounced other countries for criticizing its close neighbor’s new administration, which was sworn in this week.” China Urges Respect for New Burma Government | Southeast Asia | English VOA Burmese … Continue reading

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Will Chinese ascendency set free speech back 50 years? #China

The following story reminded me of when I was a kid in the Bay Area during the growing free speech movement at Cal Berkeley. Peking University to Offer Consultations to Students with “Radical Thoughts” and Others | China Digital Times … Continue reading

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Lambo demo and the wealth divide

There is something not quite right about the reasoning of the car owner in this story…I can’t put my finger on it…but, as a protest on National Consumer Day, destroying a $250K car ($500 – $750K according to this report) … Continue reading

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Production v. Innovation ~ VHS v. Betamax redux?

When I saw this title from the Foreign Policy journal, Production, not innovation, will win the future, I was immediately reminded of the classic Betamax / VHS video format war – Betamax boasted higher quality, VHS lower cost and capacity – … Continue reading

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