Recently the military junta of Burma has made moves toward democratization. However, in what seems to be standard practice, state run enterprises are being privatized and then snatched up by the ruling elite. Elections have been allowed, however they appear to be democratic only in name. The most daring act may be finally releasing Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest. I have only been forming impressions from news stories as they go by and so created this ‘bin’ in which to develop the impression.

Suu Kyi says Burma sanctions should remain
January 28, 2011
Financial Times

Video: Aung San Suu Kyi will review sanctions
January 24, 2011



FT.com / Asia-Pacific – Burmese general to take over as president

I find this surprising:

“Burma’s parliament has elected Thein Sein, the country’s former prime minister, as president, reinforcing fears that the military establishment that has run the country for almost half a century intends to keep a firm grip on power.”

Can you further reinforce a fear that is absolute? I doubt there is any illusion on the ground that Thein Sein was anything other than ‘installed’. To suggest that he was ‘elected’ only plays into the hands of the military junta’s re-branding campaign.

FT.com Asia Pacific


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